You may feel moved to give to destitute individuals you meet in the streets or who call at your church. Think through whether it is a good idea to give cash or better to offer or buy a cuppa and a sandwich.

However, many people feel that money can be more wisely and effectively used if channeled through specialist charities working with the homeless. If you want to raise money or give to such groups locally it will be well used and much appreciated by The Salvation Army, Fox Street Community (linked with Central Methodist Church ), Emmaus Community,  or The Foxton Centre. Most of these groups also appreciate gifts in kind. Contact details of all these can be found on our local links page.

 If you want to give things instead of money the following items can be particularly useful for distribution direct to the most vulnerable homeless people.

o       Non perishable foods (especially items that require a minimum of preparation and cooking and don’t need a can opener). If you  can offer a regular supply of safe perishable foods you need to co-ordinate deliveries with one of the regular drop in services.

o       Toiletries (such as razors, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, flannels, towels, combs and brushes)

o       Sleeping bags, tents, bedding can be distributed via The Salvation Army

o       Clothing, (particularly warm and waterproof outer garments, new underwear and socks,sturdy footwear and men’s clothing) is welcomed at The Salvation Army charity shop in Plungington Road  (Please ring 821949 before attempting delivery).


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