Please circulate this widely via your email lists: Many thanks
At the Homeless Forum meeting we talked about trying to co-ordinate donations and Christmas gifts service to homeless and vulnerable people in Preston and surroundings.
I agreed that if agencies sent me information and requests by mid November I would make sure this was circulated widely to churches and community groups in an effort to signpost them to delivering appropariate gifts to appropriate places.. and to try to get press / media coverage.
To help do that could you let me know: by emailing before 14th November detailing your plans
In broad terms what each agency is planning to do this Christmas in terms of gathering gifts for parcels to give to homeless and needy folk?
Who will be eligible for gifts? and how to refer
What items are you asking the public to donate (and what is not required)
Any particular items that go beyond the usual perceived (imagined?) needs of homeless people and poor families which in my expereince tend to be food, toys, warm clothes and toiletries.
Dates and delivery points.. for donations
If you would like to add Any events.. dinners.. parties .. free meals you are planning over the Christmas season I will make sure details are passed on to Foxton Centre who will be producing a Christmas events poster in December.
PCAN  (Chair) Greg Smith