Inform yourselves about the lives of homeless people and the services that are (and often are not) available to them. Homelessness has many different causes, and there is no single solution. It’s often linked to poverty, family breakdown, domestic violence alcohol and drug abuse and getting into trouble with the law. You can get a good overview of the issues by reading The Salvation Army’s recent report “The Seeds of Exclusion”.  You can download this from the internet at

 Find out about the ministries and services that are available to homeless people locally and across the country. Almost everything in Preston is listed on this Homeless in Preston Website at and you can follow the links to get a fairly comprehensive coverage of the homelessness scene.


Talk to homeless people you encounter and listen to the stories they have to tell. If you don’t know any homeless people you can always approach a Big Issue seller in the street. All of them have experienced homelessness, but are trying to find a way out and usually they are very happy to talk with customers about their lives.


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